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Why I'm Running for County Commissioner

Wilson County has grown rapidly. Not long ago, our main roads were two lanes wide. Today, most are five lanes wide. I’ve been fortunate to watch and be a part of the progress as it’s taken place from a young age. To this day, our county is still rapidly growing. It’s a testimony as to why Wilson County is one of the best counties to live in. 

Growth is good, yet it needs to be adequately managed and planned. Without performing this integral step, expenses rapidly get out of control. Debt levels escalate. And while some local leaders may believe that Wilson County debt is allegedly affordable, that mindset is not a responsible way to view or manage debt in a county. Financing current and future projects with interest payments while pushing principle down the road is not fiscally responsible.

Wilson County is perceivably one of the wealthiest counties in Tennessee. Having financial success is a great accomplishment and reflects the money being spent in our county. Yet, Wilson County also has some of the highest debt per capita entire state. Debt per capita must be considered because it directly impacts every taxpaying family in the county. The higher the debt goes, so do the taxes unless better budgeting and planning occur. Wilson County can certainly improve in this area.

I’m running for District 18 County Commissioner because I have a more favorable view of how best to fund local government and do it responsibly. A fiscally responsible and transparent way will ensure that taxpayers are fairly and honestly represented. 

If you want to be fairly and honestly represented, I would be honored to be rewarded with your vote.

Warmest regards,

Terri Nicholson For District 18
County Commission, Wilson County